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The members area of my site is for anyone who wishes to keep up to date on what I am doing, services or merchandise I have available, or to find out where my friends or I will be providing services or merchandise.

Members also receive special discount options and sales on merchandise and services; additionally members gain access to the documents and videos pages.

Memberships are free of charge, however, memberships must be approved before access to protected pages is permitted (security measure).

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Rev.Zachariah B.Msc.
Site Owner
About Me

I have studied divination and metaphysics for 17 years and counting. Though I have studied many forms of divination and many metaphysical philosopies and practices I specialize in a select few. Some include astrology, palmistry, and numerology.

I am working on several manuscripts with uncertain deadlines.

I am ordained through the Order of Melchizedek, because I believe in those philosophies and practices, which I offer as classes, workshops, and lectures.

I am also ordained into the International Metaphysical Ministry, because I also embrace their teachings and philosophies.

I have studied and learned from Erie, PA's Karen Mohr, and internationally know medium and healer Rev. Jane, having received certifications in healing and mediumship.

I have also earened by bachelors degree in metaphysics from the Univdrsity of Metaphysics, along with certification in spiritual counseling and healing. I am further working on toward my doctorate in divinity.

I am simultaniously wormking toward a degree in Social Work and Psychology through Mercyhurst University, upon earning this I will begin working toward my doctorate in Psychology, and a teaching certificate, and a minor in spanish.